The Washington Experience


It is the responsibility of participating students to secure an internship for the summer. However, Professor New is willing to meet with all students to offer advice about various internship possibilities. In the past 4 years Washington Experience students have participated in a wide range of internships in Washington .

Below is some general information about various types of internships available to students.

Congressional and Senate Offices

images Most popular option for students taking part in the Washington Experience

images You always have an inside track with your own Congressman

images Apply to Congressmen representing districts where your relatives live

images If you do not get an offer, feel free to call intern coordinator or chief of staff

images Internships typically last 4-6 weeks

images Most of the work does not have strong ideological or partisan content

images Some Congressmen and Senators offer compensation, but most do not

Executive Branch Agencies

images Apply early. Very early if the agency deals with national security.

images Probably helpful if you are a registered Democrat

images Internships will likely last much of the summer

Advocacy Groups

images A demonstrated commitment to the issues that a group works on is very helpful

images Much of the work will have strong ideological content

images Internships often last for the entire summer

images Many groups offer limited compensation

Political Party Organizations

images There are a number of organizations that do work for various political parties

(Democratic National Committee, Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee,

College Democrats of America, Young Republicans, Libertarian Party)

images Helps to be registered and active with a political party

images Organizations differ regarding length of internship and compensation

Think Tanks (Policy Research Organizations)

images Popular option for students interested in public policy

images These internships tend to be pretty competitive

images Commitment to both the ideology and the issues of a given think tank is helpful

images Demonstrated ability to do research is often helpful

images Internships often last the entire summer

images Most think tanks offer limited compensation


images Alabama connections at Van Scoyoc, Barbour, Rogers, and Griffith, and Balch and Bingham

images Compensation and work responsibilities vary

Political Media

images Washington, DC Media, Capitol Hill Media, Ideological Publications located in Washington, DC

images Some previous experience as a writer or reporter is usually helpful

imagesSome organizations are willing to offer training to aspiring journalists

(National Journalism Center, American Journalism Center)

Additional Resources

imagesI may need to hire a student to assist me with a research project.  You would be working at a think tank.  Talk to me if you are interested.

The Washington Experience