The Washington Experience


Most students who intern in Washington choose to live in the dorms of one of the local universities. When deciding where to live, you should consider:

imagesThe proximity to the subway

imagesThe proximity to your workplace

imagesThe quality of the neighborhood.

Some suggested universities are listed below.

George Washington University (GWU)

imagesVery close to the subway and to Capitol Hill.

imagesPretty good neighborhood.

imagesThe dorms I usually recommend for Washington, DC interns

Georgetown University Law School

imagesWithin Walking Distance of Capitol Hill

imagesDifferent location than Georgetown University

imagesMore expensive than other options, but offers more amenities

Thompson Markward Hall (for women)

imagesRun by a Christian Ministry

imagesOffers both meals and lodging

imagesWithin walking distance of Capitol Hill

Catholic University of America (CUA)

imagesSome dorms are close to the subway, but others are a healthy walk.

imagesThey have a shuttle bus that reaches the subway

imagesDecent neighborhood

American University

imagesShuttle between the dorms and the subway

imagesFarther away from Capitol Hill than either George Washington or CUA

Georgetown University

imagesGeorgetown is not a close walk to any subway stop

imagesThere are shuttles and buses that go to the subway and into the city

imagesA more active social scene than other areas in Washington

Other Alternatives

imagesGeorge Mason University offers housing, but is a healthy commute to Washington.

imagesThe University of Maryland is near Washington, DC but it was not clear what kind of summer housing offerings they might have.

imagesStudents can also find arrangements through or through listings in local papers.  Buyer beware.

The Washington Experience