The Washington Experience

Admission & Financial Aid

Apply to the Washington Experience

Students who are interested in applying to the Washington should email a completed Washington Experience Application (2014) to Professor New at  Application to the Washington Experience is free.  The current deadline is February 15th, 2014.

Washington Experience Scholarships

A limited amount of scholarship assistance is available to deserving students participating in the Washington Experience program.

Decisions about scholarship awards are made in late April or early May by an awards committee consisting of political science faculty.  Students are evaluated based on their 1) Grade Point Average 2) Extracurricular Activities, and 3) Strength of their Washington Experience Application.   Some additional consideration may be given to students whose internships last more than two months.

Generally larger scholarship awards are granted to students who are receiving need based financial aid from the University of Alabama. However, students who wish to receive extra consideration for a scholarship award are welcome to submit a supplemental scholarship application .Furthermore, students who wish for the awards committee to consider any unique financial circumstances are welcome to write a confidential letter to the committee explaining their situation. Letters can be sent to Professor New at

The Washington Experience